Cookie policy


In conformity with recent legislation in the Netherlands as per January 2013 regarding the use of cookies, we hereby advise that this website makes use of cookies to measure the traffic on this website through the use of Google Analytics.

What are cookies?

To offer you better service, most website make use of so called cookies. These are handy techniques which collect information on the use of the website so that navigating through the website becomes easier. For instance, cookies can make it possible that you remain logged on to a website or that your preferences such as location and language settings are remembered. In online web shops for instance they maintain the contents of the shopping cart. Thanks to cookies the administrators of websites can measure how often the site is visited, which pages are clicked and from which geographic areas the visitors are coming.

Cookies to support advertising

Some (not all) cookies make it possible to measure the surfing behavior of the visitor. This way sites and advertisers can find out something about your preferences and fields of interest so that they can show matching adverts. In many cases income from adverts is needed to cover the costs of websites and make free of charge use possible. Thanks to cookies, these adverts are then matching your interests. By the way, it is possible to disable such type of cookies via under FAQ's. You can also indicate there from which companies you wish accept or reject tracking cookies.

Removal of cookies

Cookies are stored on your computer and you can remove them at any time in your browser settings. Please note that after removal you may have to reset your preferences in certain websites or you will have to log in again.

Safe use of cookies

 It is important to know that the use of cookies is safe. E-mail en telemarketing campaigns are not the result of cookies. Cookies will neither store your e-mail address or telephone number, nor create a personal profile that can be connected to any individual.

 Privacy policy

Cormac Industrial BV maintains a strict privacy policy. We do not use cookies for the sake of advertising. We only measure, through Google Analytics, how often our website is visited, which pages are clicked and from which part of the world our visitors come. We do not pass on any information we may obtain from our visitors (for instance via the online support form) to any third party for the sake of advertising. Any information is treated with utmost care and dilligence. Obviously we adhere to all relevant legislation, amongst which the 'Law for Protection of Personal Data' as it is in vigor in the Netherlands.

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